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What Is Floating?

"Floating" is short for Flotation Therapy.


A person peacefully floats on their back in a 10 inch deep Epsom salt solution in an environment free from light, sound, and temperature stimuli for 60-90 minutes. Some call it R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy) Floating, Sensory Deprivation Therapy, or using an Isolation Tank.

Why float?

People choose to float for a multitude of reasons and research studies continue to support its effectiveness in emerging applications. Some float to alleviate pain such as chronic musculoskeletal discomfort, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraines. It's also used as a tool to mitigate stress and anxiety and to treat eating disorders, PTSD, and Traumatic Brain Injury, among other maladies.


Those in highly demanding professions such as military operators, emergency responders, athletes, performers, and organizational leaders find it useful not only an effective aid for recovery from physical and mental exertion, but also as a way to enhance performance through increased mental clarity, learning uptake, and baseline stress reduction. 

Mindfulness practitioners have long understood the benefits of floating, as an environment with limited stimulation facilitates one's ability to stay present, without interpretation or judgement. 

Study after study is revealing new ways floating may benefit individuals and reaffirming what past floaters have found for themselves. 

What does floating actually do?

First, floating effortlessly diminishes the physical stress put on your body from the constant pull of gravity. Muscles relax and blood circulation increases, alleviating stress for chronic pain sufferers and promoting recovery from physical exertion. 

The removal of stimulus has a profound effect on our autonomic nervous system, which consists of the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and recover) divisions. Floating appears to take us out of “flight or fight” (a chronic state of physiological being for many of us) and moves us into “rest and recover.” That “fight or flight” stress response—with the excitatory hormones and inflammation surges that are a part of it—is a primary trigger for pain. The chronic stress of staying in a persistent state of "fight or flight" can have detrimental systemic effects on the body and mental wellness. Flotation therapy has given us a powerful tool to address chronic stress by facilitating homeostasis in our autonomic nervous system.


Part of what makes flotation therapy remarkable is that it can be used in a broad range of applications. From the severely afflicted to those exploring the furthermost depths of relaxation and mindfulness, to the highest performers seeking physical and mental optimization, all can benefit without the risk of side effects from pharmacological intervention.

Consider the above just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to an explanation of flotation therapy. We would love to opportunity to expand on the topic and answer any of your questions. The only way to truly know the benefits of floating is to experience them yourself. Let us know how we can help facilitate your float practice.


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Nalu Float

Covid-19 Guidelines

In accordance with CDC guidance, we ask anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 to remain at home. No late cancellation fee will be charged if you call anytime before your float due to such symptoms.


While in common spaces all clients will be required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth until further notice. Your float host will also be wearing a mask. Once in the private float spaces (bathroom area) you may remove your mask.

We have arranged the float schedule to minimize client overlap. We ask that floaters minimize time in common spaces and maintain distancing if other clients are present.


The float industry continues to evolve its standards in coordination with public health officials and dedicated microbiologists to ensure client safety and address the current pandemic. We isolate client spaces between floaters to mitigate risk of virus transmission via respiratory droplets, then disinfect contact surfaces, the float solution, and the float tank surfaces between each client.

Nalu Float continues to serve as a peaceful retreat for mental and physical healing.