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About Nalu Float

Established in 2016: your personal sanctuary for healing and wellness.

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Our Story

When Jon first dreamed up this little slice of paradise a few years ago, he sought for a name that conveyed the sense that one can have while floating or during a Reiki session in which a person's body and mind and spirit are allowed to rest and drift and be restored. Having lived in Hawaii for several years, he landed on Nalu. It means wave in Hawaiian, which couldn't be more appropriate.

the Nalu Experience

We are thrilled to provide you with a level of personal service that is uncommonly good for a spa. You, the customer, have little to nothing to do while you're here apart from relax to experience profound healing and promote wellness in your being.

Our location isn't set in a typical commercial location. Instead, you'll find Nalu Float tucked in a residential setting, just north of Silver Lake, providing you with a quiet space for relaxation, rest, and recovery.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by your host, and may relax in the lounge area as long as you like before and after your float. We have complimentary water and tea and provide everything you need during your time with us.

Please make yourself at home.

Meet the Team


Jon Maki


Reiki Master


Jon was raised on the island of Oahu with sacred spaces, temples, and the Pacific Ocean in his backyard. He's a Healer, a father, a loving Soul, learning and doing the best that he can.

He's worn many different hats in his life, and he sought understanding of self to heal the generational wounds within his family. His intention with Nalu Float was to create a space where people can experience the bliss of slowing down a bit and decompressing from the crazy pace of today’s modern world. From Jon:

"Many who work are subconsciously aware that the pace is stressful and detrimental to their person, but follow prescribed versions of how to regulate their stress, which often do nothing but add other issues to their plate. Our bodies know how to, and do heal themselves. With floating and Reiki, the health that we seek is reached by practices that go beyond what we thought our bodies and minds were capable of. Paradigm shifts, if you will. We conquer our fears and anxieties and learn what it is to live in wonder again. The tanks and energy healing are facilitators to this life."


Bryce Fogelson


Bryce has lived in the beautiful river valley to the east, but the Byron area has always been "home base" for him and his family.

He's an advocate, father, optimist, kite enthusiast, and natural-born sounding board.

Bryce has had heightened anxiety as far back as he can remember, but it was around his 8th float at the age of 35 that he became utterly and completely aware of it. In his own words: "The difference between 'knowing of it' and 'knowing it' had never occurred to me prior to that moment. It resulted in a fundamental change in my approach to living."

The physiological effects from relaxing in the tank are profound and make floating worthwhile, but the psychological benefits can deeply alter peoples' lives for the better. If Bryce could grant you one wish for your time in floatation therapy, it's this: "You come to truly name and know the voice that dictates your limits."

Considerations: Covid-19

In accordance with CDC guidance, we ask anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 to remain at home. No late cancellation fee will be charged if you call anytime before your float due to such symptoms.


We have arranged the float schedule to minimize client overlap. We ask that floaters minimize time in common spaces and maintain distancing if other clients are present.


The float industry continues to evolve its standards in coordination with public health officials and dedicated microbiologists to ensure client safety and address the current pandemic. We isolate client spaces between floaters to mitigate risk of virus transmission via respiratory droplets, then disinfect contact surfaces, the float solution, and the float tank surfaces between each client.

Nalu Float continues to serve as a peaceful retreat for mental and physical healing.

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