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November 1, 2018


My First Float


The first float in floatation tank for me was a 90 minute float session.  I traveled about an hour and a half to experience what I had been hearing about for so long  In the tank my experience was restful, heartbeat was very loud, louder tahtn I had ever heard before.  My breath was steady, though I changed it up a bit for variety, deep and slow, to the style Wim Hoff (The Iceman) recommends to maximize oxygenation.  I really enjoyed my float, I remember giggling when I first "sat back" and felt the density of the water support me.  I felt as if I was flying like a newbie.  Like when 'The Greatest American Hero' was learning to fly?  Oops, showing my age.  Anyway, I drifted off into the magical hypnogogic state, the state where our creative and intuitive minds awaken.  Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein thought this state so valuable that they set up ways to awaken from their short hypnogogic naps so that they could write down the epiphanies that occurred while in this state.  I digress though, the best memory of my first float is how I felt when exiting the tank.  I remember standing in front of the tank with the biggest sh*t eaten grin on my face, arms outstretched, experiencing the euphoria that one has while 3 days into your vacation,  it hits you while you look over the expanse of a beautiful beach or vista, when you outstretch your arms and remark to your loved one "Can it get any better than this?!"  The intensity of that feeling I cannot over emphasize.  And that grin lasted for days, I would tell everyone and anyone who would listen.  Any stress or anxiety that I may have been holding onto before entering the tank was non-existant.  The tanks allow us to be brought to a place of peace and compassion where we want the best for ourselves and others.  This resonated within me and I couldn't help but think what a better place the world would be if everyone floated.


So began my journey to learn all I could about this floating thing.  I read books, watched videos, listened to podcasts, and nocturnal visits to my hot tub with it's new temperature setting and purpose to replicate the float experience.  I lamented, 'It's too bad Rochester couldn't support a float center.' (deep in negative programming still) to 'I wonder who would open a center?' (better thought process, it's working!) to 'Hey, I might be the guy!' (there ya go!)  All doors were open to me, and divinely, all things fell into place.  Nalu was opened in March of 2016.  Nalu's mission has been to make the tanks available to as many people as possible, for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.  


Why Nalu?  What does it mean?  I am a product of the Hawaiian Island, I was raised there from 3 until completing my schooling.  The Hawaiian people and culture are dear to my heart.  There is an openness, the spirit of Aloha that permeates social interactions.   Nalu means "wave" in Hawaiian.  Nalu Float represents a movement, a wave, if you will, that will expand consciousness and the Aloha Spirit to all that come here and with those who interact with those have been here for floating or energy healing.  You can see within the Nalu logo the ripple affect of a drop of water into a larger body of water, affecting the surface and depths around it.  Creating waves out of ripples in the right conditions.  We do that when we share our conscious experiences that we have, with others.  Consciousness expands and as we share our energy, that energy expands.  The logo is multi-faceted, the center and the spiral like swooshes also represent the center of our galaxy, our solar systema nd the planets' paths around the center.  The center alternatively also represents the eye of the storm, the sanctuary within our Center, or the tank from the chaos (at times, ok most of the time, lol) of the outside world.  We also activate our most powerful brainwaves in the tank, exciting and inspiring thoughts through our Theta and Gamma brainwaves in very salinized water.  Thus Nalu, the Wave!



The intention of Nalu Float and Healing Center is to provide a sanctuary within a chaotic world.  One in which you can release all cares, and worries, and return refreshed and rejuvenated to your life.  And as you continue on this floatation journey you will become an ambassador just in the sense that you will be happier, more carefree, living for the moment while balancing all with panache.


How do these tanks do all that you say they do?  This consciousness building, how does that happen?  It starts with you loving yourself and taking some me time from the low grade stress which permeates our lives.  After floating people experience a 'reset'.  We get to give the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight) a break and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to kick into overdrive.  The parasympathetic system comes online when we are at rest.  In the float environment, the lack of gravity, stimulus against the skin and the lack of the need for the body to regulate its temperature in the 94.5 skin temp solution all facilitate the parasympathetic state's job.  The tanks meet you where you are.  What I mean to say is that if you have anything from aches and pains to reaching a deep meditative state you will benefit from a floatation session.  Endorphins are released in massive quantities and your body's healing capacity (the placebo) is amplified.  Reducing inflammation, anxiety, allowing for a more restful sleep and state of being.  Floating allows us to connect with our higher selves and find the bliss in life that has always been there for us!  I invite you to take the first steps in your new life.  Join us at Nalu, let us change the world one float at a time.

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