2nd time back and chose to experience 90 minutes of floating! Since my first float a couple of months ago, I have had so much more energy and patience! This float melted away with time. It’s funny how life gets away from us sometimes. Floating brings me back to my center, my soul. My nervous system is reset and ready for what life has in store next! See you soon!


You don’t realize sometimes how much you need this until you experience it. The emotions and energy you have completely take over. What an amazing gift it is to give yourself some serenity in our sometimes chaotic life outside of the float tank. Thank you for clearing my mind.




The experience was a breath of fresh air. To be able to relax at that level is amazing. Definitely a unique experience. Comfort, relaxation.  A great way to renew and revitalize. I will be back.




Awesome!  Awesome!  Thank you – I feel amazing 😊




It is hard to put into words what I felt, but I can honestly say that I haven’t felt that relaxed or in touch with myself and with my own conscience in ages. What an experience!! Can't wait to come back. Good stretches for my back and muscles too.



Roo Y

Great experience! 




I went in concerned about whether or not I would be able to relax and soon after realized it takes no effort to do so. In the peace of floating I was able to hear my intuition and receive the direction that I needed. After, the peace remained. Thank you for the amazing experience.




I was very skeptical at first as I am claustrophobic, but I love water and meditation. The minute I laid down my body felt at home. This was a truly amazing and spiritual experience. I had to remember how to use my body again after. I will be talking about this nonstop! I will be back over and over again.



I feel like I got a full 8 hours of sleep!



A wonderfully refreshing and awakening float. It was revealed to me that we are each (and all) love and light. Nothing else matters. We are light and love and we are here to share that with each other.  Namaste.



The most calm I may have ever felt. This was my 1st ever float and certainly not my last. I bobbed around the tank at first, feeling the motion of the water and my hair flowing about. I felt free and weightless. When I really began to focus on each beat of my heart and breath in my lungs, I was out--even slept in a “King Tut” position.  I feel safe and happy with who I am exactly in this moment.  

Aaron M

Expect to feel welcomed upon entering the front door. The setting is nice; the owner is friendly and very knowledgeable. Everything is clean and up-to-date; it’s a great establishment.

As for the float, I have only been once but I will definitely go as often as I can. Definitely go with the 90-minutes even if you think you need to slow in; I regret doing [only] 60 minutes. It is the most calm, most quiet, and relaxing setting I have experienced in my life. It was physically and mentally the best spot for meditation I have ever been in. Floating on the water is an indescribable feeling that you need to feel yourself.


A Jones

I heard about this from a friend. She recommended it due to health issues, depression, and a chronic pain in my rhomboid muscle. I started with the intro pack bc I was skeptical. I ended up doing 4 floats in a month. My rhomboid muscle hasn't bothered me since my second float. It's amazing stress reliever to unwind for 60 minutes and listen to your heart beat. I bought 3 more floats! Plus the owner is extremely nice! I recommend it for anyone that needs a reset with their brain. 


Megan P

Such an amazing experience. I would highly recommend floating to anyone who needs to relax or relieve pain. I have been here many times and can't say enough good things about it! Try it; you won't be sorry.



As someone who has meditated before, floating allows you to take it to the next level. I felt relaxed and cannot wait to plan my next float experience!   



One benefit that I have come to realize is the lack of chronic back pain. Whether it’s the weightlessness allowing my back to decompress or the magnesium reducing my inflammation--that part I’m not sure. I just understand the results and floating has been so beneficial for my back. I was hoping to use floating to clear my mind but have come to understand that it has freed my body.  With that in mind, I decided to try out a membership. I’m excited for more of these experiences.



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