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Your First Float

To help you prepare for your first float with us, we've provided with you some handy details below.


When you first arrive, you'll be invited to sit down with one of our float hosts, who will also give you instructions, guide you through your experience, and answer any questions you may have. Once you're ready, you'll be guided to your own private space to shower off any residual soap, shampoo, and conditioner from your person prior to entering the tank.


When finished, you'll step into and sit down in the float tank in the adjoining area, and shut the door to the tank. You'll notice that the water is set to a temperature very similar to that of the surface of your own skin. You'll also notice that you can't hear any noises from outside of the tank, providing with you with true relief from the sensory overload we so often experience during the waking day.


Once oriented, you'll be free to lie down and float. You'll be able to float with the light on or off, but for a true sensory-deprivation experience, we strongly recommend you float with the light off. This is perhaps the most challenging time of all for a first-time floater, as most of us know how to relax our physical bodies, but few of us can do as well with our minds. There's ample room inside the tank to move around, so feel free to explore to make yourself as comfortable as possible. (It is, after all, a space unlike any other, aside from perhaps our mother's womb.) You might try different angles or positions with your arms or neck from time-to-time to see what's most comfortable for you. Remember: there's no wrong way to float.

Then do whatever you can to calm your mind, whether it be breathwork or meditation or mindfulness or some other practice that helps you to relax your thoughts and feelings. If you allow yourself to become full relaxed, you may experience a variety of things. Some discover the answer to some problem that's been plaguing them. Some are able to explore their feelings at a deeper level. Some have a visual experience and some will reflect on their life. Others may fall asleep.


And there's a strong chance that, if you can relax yourself, you'll enjoy a variety of beneficial experiences during your 90 minutes in the tank. Each float is different for each person, and that's part of the wonder of floating.

Post Float

At the end of your session, some music will indicate that your float has finished, and that it's time to exit the tank, towel off, and then shower off to remove the salt from your body and hair.

Once you're dressed, you're welcome to sit in our great room for hot tea or cold water, and reflect upon your float, be it alone or with the aid of our float guide or in our journal.

One Additional Consideration

Floating is very different from every other activity out there, so much so that much of the time during your first float will go toward getting used to floating weightlessly and effortless in a new space. It takes most people two or three floats before they start to experience the fullness of what floating can do for them, with repeat floaters typically experiencing more gains than they thought possible.

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