We are proud to feature art by local artists and inspired by their personal float experiences at Nalu. The art is on display in the Nalu lobby.

Are you an artist and float enthusiast who would like to have your art featured at Nalu? Let's chat. 





Artist: Talen Rabe ... In the silence I began to hear a low humming drone. As I listened closer to the sound I began to pick out different frequencies and undertones within the droning noise. Soon I began to notice my stomach would tense or my breathing would slow, and the timbre of the sound would change ever so slightly. A realization! I was listening to my body in operation. Respiration, digestion, circulation, all operating and resonating into and out of my being.

Escaping day to day

Escaping day to day

Artist: Angie Pipkorn "What inspired me was how relaxing it was. I felt I was floating on air, not water. Being able to hear your heart beat and each breath you took was loud in your body, but so soothing. It was a great way to calm and reflect on your soul. And just to take a break and escape the day to day, constantly on the go life."

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We are located just north of Silver Lake Park in a peaceful neighborhood.

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