November 1, 2018

My First Float

The first float in floatation tank for me was a 90 minute float session.  I traveled about an hour and a half to experience what I had been hearing about for so long  In the tank my experience was restful, heartbeat was very loud, louder tahtn I had ever heard before.  My breath was steady, though I changed it up a bit for variety, deep and slow, to the style Wim Hoff (The Iceman) recommends to maximize oxygenation.  I really enjoyed my float, I remember giggling when I first "sat back" and felt the density of the water support me.  I felt as if I was flying like a newbie.  Like when 'The Greatest American Hero' was learning to fly?  Oops, showing my age.  Anyway, I drifted off into the magical hypnogogic state, th...

January 3, 2016

I have always had the idea that I am here to help people.  And I've always been a little inside of my head.  Trying a little of this and a little of that has been my lifelong journey.  Once I discovered floating, I knew that this was the best possible way for me to share a loving nature and exploration of the psyche.  Floating has helped me immensely, even in a short period of time. Learning the benefits of floating and all the studies that have been conducted have inspired me to start Nalu Float.  Please come and experience the wonders of Nalu Float with us!




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